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Please note, all our prices are subject to change.


Dogs:  Smaller breeds £18 (2/3 dogs sharing from same household, discounted by £1 per day per kennel)

            Medium/larger breeds £20 (2 dogs sharing from same household discounted by £1 per day per kennel at discretion of             manager)

 Cats:   £10 (2/3 cats sharing from same household, discounted by £1 per day per cattery)

All prices are PER DAY - if pet is picked up after 10.30am on day of departure another day's rate is applicable)

A winter fuel suppliment is added of £1 per day per booking from 1st October - 31st March

Cost for collecting/dropping off pets available on request, minimum £20 each way

To book:  Register or sign in to book/change dates and upload vaccination details.. We will contact you within 24 hours and confirm your booking.


Kennels: food (unless your pet needs a specific diet), bedding and 2 walks a day 

Cattery: prices include food, bedding, cat litter, scratch posts and lots of cuddles!

Small pets (guinea pigs, rabbits  or others on request): £10 per cage - supply of food and bedding/treats by owner, cuddles

Due to increased costs there will be an annual price increase each year on 1st January.  

Bank holidays are chargeable at normal rate but be aware that Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year's Day, are double rate. A payment of £20 per journey is chargeable for vet visits and customers reimburse Copperbeech with the vet's bill.

Please note: prices are per day - a charge is made for the day the pet is dropped off.  If your pet is collected before 10.30am on the day of departure there is no charge for that day but an extra day's rate is payable after 10.30am.

Prices List